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Thoughts on “The Practice of the Presence of God”

by Harry Sio Thoughts on The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence Two weeks ago, I was denied by the only graduate school I had applied for. Instead of giving up, I focused on doing quiet time before God consistently. Our spiritual group leader, Nick Wu, always

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Thoughts on “The Pursuit of God”

by: Harry Sio Once I heard Pastor Henry share regarding Jesus and his disciples, that it’s not so much that “We have found the Messiah” (John 1:41), but rather, it was Jesus who found us. I like the juxtaposition and the play on words. I was delighted to read recently

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My Color Pencils 我的彩色鉛筆

(scroll down for English translation) 作者:葉晴芳

最近大專團契時間,我們一起學習 S.H.A.P.E. (屬靈恩賜)。那星期,我們分享神給我們與生俱來的能力與恩賜,有一個分享題目是:『小時候自己擅長的事情,長大卻因為沒時間去做而不再做了』我分享了我小時候很喜歡畫畫,也畫得蠻好的,常常得獎,很有創意,現在卻因為太久沒畫,生疏了,

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Worth Preserving

Although I don’t like swimming, one summer my love for the coral reefs got the best of me. I jumped into the ocean at a Marine Sanctuary in the Big Island of Hawaii. What a thrill it was to kick around with fins to explore a spectacular coral reef.  Sadly, these “rainforests of the sea” are in danger

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What do green onions have to do with love?

Growing green onions seemed like a beneficial thing to do during shelter in place. A quick search online revealed some easy instructions for regrowing green onions in a jar: keep the bulb roots moist and ensure plenty of sunshine. Simple!  Two days into this new endeavor, Naomi named our jar

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There is always a reason to be thankful

When was the last time that you took a moment of pause and counted the blessings you have? Are you still waiting for a certain period to end? What are you worried about during this season of your life? Maybe some results or miracles are yet to come true. Instead

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