About Us

Established in 1990, Agape is a place to experience God’s love and His transforming power. Church is a “home” where we are re-parented by God in a loving community that upholds the truth of the Bible. In this church family, we grow together through vibrant worship, genuine relationships, studies in God’s word, prayer, discipleship training, and community service.

We are the English Ministry of South Bay Agape Christian Church, a Chinese Mandarin-speaking church in San Jose.  We are also known as “Agape EM.”  

Agape” (ancient Greek ἀγάπη, agapē) is pronounced “ah-GAH-pay.” It is one of several Greek words that is translated into English as “love.” Distinct from philía, storgē, and éros, agapē particularly refers to unconditional, selfless love. It is the kind of love that God gives us, for us to experience and to share.

We’re excited about God and the good things He’s doing on earth, and love that we get to be part of it. We hope you’ll find Agape to be a place to call “home.”